Urborg Lions Plains Pillage and Simply OS Darmstadt Report

October 3rd and October 4th had 2 tournaments for me. First, on Saturday in Düsseldorf, using Swedish rules with Open Reprints and a mainly ‘Old Swedish Guard’ crew. Afterwards on Sunday, with more local players that are newer to Oldschool. Then with Atlantic Rules and again Open Reprints.

I played the Poison deck you see above and reached all goals that I set for it.

It won a match!

Still, there’s lessons learned. In this configuration, it is basically a Blood Moon deck that occasionally takes one player out of the game completely and then wins with whatever means are available. Pit Scorpion needs 10 turns to win, Marsh Viper needs 5 turns. In comparison, Headless Horseman has more (power and) toughness than Pit Scorpion and Marsh Viper loses the power/toughness comparison to Ernham Djinn. At the same time Headless Horseman needs as many turns to win as Pit Scorpion and Marsh Viper needs as many turns as Ernham. So in this exact configuration, Headless Horseman + Ernham Djinn are superior to the poison boys.

The one advantage over Ernham Djinn is Marsh Viper’s LOW power. It becomes unblockable with Dwarven Warriors and Tawno’s Wand, while Ernham Djinn (or other fatties) don’t. If I want to keep playing with Poison, and potentially even improve this deck, I think abusing the broad low power of the creatures is the way to go. Tawno’s Wand and Dwarven Warrior might work well with more Florel Spuzzem or, when played with Fallen Empires, work well with Mindstab Thrull, Farrel’s Zealots, Necrite or in the right matchup, with Merchant Ship. And let’s not forget Murk Dwellers!

Now, if even more “bad” creatures are put into the deck, it’ll lack “even more” removal. At the moment, it’s already without Lightning Bolts. Fitting in more creatures might make the removal amount too low to be relevant, so a wider way to deal with big creatures can be used. For that, I want to try Meekstone in the next events.

Ultimately, the ceiling now is to win two matches in the same tournaments instead of just one. On the horizon, there’s another local event (20.12.2020 or 27.12.2020) and the next Hanseatic Oldschool XI in Hamburg. If Merchant Ship can do “something” in here, I might even try to make that work until the Hanseatic Merchant Ship Cup.

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