Alpha Castle 2019

On Sunday, 10.02.2019 I hosted a huge Old School event in Germany, the Alpha Castle event with 90 participants at Castle Frankenstein. We used the JK Old School rules to allow especially new players to enjoy the event.

Castle Frankenstein is a medieval castle located on top of a hill near Darmstadt. It oversees the complete Rhine-Main area up to Frankfurt, Oppenheim and Mainz.
Within the old castle walls, a restaurant with excellent panorama is located.

Castle Frankenstein on Wikipedia
Website of Restaurant Castle Frankenstein

The goal of the event was that everyone has fun, regardless of score.
For that, inspired by the Swedish-rules 93/94 community of Germany, I created a flavor-points system additionally to the regular matchpoints gained from winning matches.
For the evening after the event, a Chaos Orb contest was scheduled.



The prizes were Alpha and Beta castles, as well as a number of other cards that either fit the castle theme (Crusade, Infantry Veteran, Battering Ram, Keldon Warlord, …) or the Frankenstein theme (Frankenstein’s Monster, Raise Dead, Moss Monster, …)

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Impressions of the Alpha Castle event at Castle Frankenstein, February 2019