Sindbad Cup 09/19

The next project is called the Sindbad Cup.

It happens on September 22nd in Mainz and will be Arabian Nights themed.
The ruleset used is the local JK Rules.
(Many Reprints, Collector’s Edition, Fallen Empires, No Manaburn)

You can now register in the Registration Tab (40€ including meal).

1. Location & Time

2. Prizes

3. Side activities on Saturday



1. Location & Time

Sindbad Cup

at Rheinschanze Maaraue
Maaraue 35
55246 Mainz-Kostheim


Sunday, September 22nd
Beginn: 11 AM
Lunch: 2 PM – 3:30 PM(After round 3/7)
End: ~8 PM

The venue is still available for ~2 hours after the final round.


2. Prizes

Winner Swiss Graded Sindbad
Winner Flavorpoints Signed Sindbad
Combined Flavor+Swiss Winner Iranian playmat sized rug

For Sindbad Cup, I decided to have two kinds of flavorpoints. Unique achievements that only one player can fulfill, and checkbox achievements that multiple players can and hopefully want to fulfill:

Checkbox Achievements for Sindbad Cup Reference Points
Destroyed an Island 1st voyage 1
Played a creature with flying 2nd voyage 1
At least 1 Sindbad in the deck 3rd voyage 1
At least 7 AN cards in maindeck* 4th voyage 1
Control an opponents’ creature 5th voyage 1
Connect because of landwalk 6th voyage 1
Activated Bottle of Suleiman 7th voyage 1
Each City in a Bottle in Main/Side Gentlemen -1
Each Strip Mine more than 2 in Main/Side Gentlemen -1
Unique achievements for Sindbad Cup*** Prize Card Points
Least lands in MD Islandfish Jasconius 2
Most different lands (names) in MD Merchant Ship 2
Most whiteborder cards in MD Bottle of Suleiman (signed) 2
Most artifacts in the MD Serendib Efreet (fwb) 2
Best unpowered after Swiss Old Man of the Sea 2
Longest Travel (km) Sandals of Abdallah 2
Most subgames won Flying Men + Bird Maiden 2
Most cards originally from Arabian Nights** Flying Carpet (signed) 3

*Cards actually from Arabian Nights
** non-Mountain cards originally printed in Arabian Nights, including reprints like fbb Erg Raider, Chronicles City of Brass, Timeshifted Flying Men and revised Serendib Efreet
*** If multiple players meet the same criteria with “most/least”, each get the flavorpoints, but only the player highest in Swiss standings receives the prize card.

Example: Istvan destroyed 3 Islands in the event (+1 Destroy Island), cast a Flying Men (+1 Flying) and gained control over their opponent’s Devouring Deep (+1 Gain Control) which then connected because they had an Island (+1 Islandwalk). Istvan also played 21 non-Mountain cards originally printed in Arabian Nights (+3 and a signed Flying Carpet). Istvan has a total of 7 flavorpoints. Destroying more Islands or casting Flying Men again and again won’t gain Istvan more points.

Example: The brothers Ali and Quasim both travelled from Bagdad to the event, longer than anyone else. Both will win the 2 flavorpoints bonus for that, but the prize card Sandals of Abdallah can be given to only one of them (Swiss standing).

3. Side activities / Saturday

“Ali Baba and the Erg Raiders”
Ali Baba and his brother Quasim found the secret cave of the evil 43 Erg Raiders. A number of players will play against the Erg Raiders in a One (Erg Raider) vs. Four-Six(Players = Ali Baba) Horde style game. Bring your Oldschool deck to win an Arabian Nights Erg Raiders (if Ali Baba side wins) or a FBB Erg Raiders (if the Raiders win).
Details to be determined.

“Chaos Orb Flip contest”
True skill can only be tested in practice. Join the Chaos Orb Flip contest on Saturday to take home the trophy, a Giant Sized Chaos Orb!
Details to be determined.

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