Alpha Castle 2020

Alpha Castle 2019 was a lot of fun, so I want to repeat it.


Alpha Castle will return to Castle Frankenstein as Alpha Castle 2020.

This page will have all information, including registration.

After throughout thoughts, the mainevent on Sunday will have “almost regular” JK rules (Artwork Reprints, IE/CE allowed, Fallen Empires allowed) with Ante cards allowed. Contract from Below will be restricted, sorry.

No player will be asked to give their own property away for ante, not even temporarily. Players are given an ante pool to use as their ante. First details about how it works with ante are on the Blog.


One Saturday before that, we’ll do the 3rd German Premodern Championships and an ancient, but fun format “2003 Vintage” in the Local Game Store. For Both of these Sideevents, Goldborder and CE/IE cards will be legal.


Registration will not go online before March 2020.

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