Alpha Castle 2020

Alpha Castle 2019 was a lot of fun with almost 100 players, so I want to repeat it.

Alpha Castle will return to Castle Frankenstein as Alpha Castle 2020 on August 16th


This page will have all information, including registration.

Rulest, Errata & Ante
Premodern & Sideevents

After throughout thoughts, the mainevent on Sunday will have “almost regular” JK rules (Artwork Reprints, IE/CE allowed, Fallen Empires allowed) with some Ante cards allowed. No player will be asked to give their own property away for ante, not even temporarily. See the “Prizes” Tag below for details how that will work.

Castle Frankenstein
64367 Mühltal

Castle Frankenstein is a castle ruin on top of a small hill. The area includes a restaurant and a chapel. Often, it’s used for wedding ceremonies. The part of the restaurant where we run the tournament is separate to the public restaurant area, can host up to 100 people and, with good weather has views beyond Frankfurt (45km), Mainz (50km) and a gigantic batch of the river Rhine area.

A 2-3 course buffet will be provided during the day. Beer and other drinks can be ordered à la carte.

Distances: Airport Frankfurt 35 minutes, Darmstadt main station 20 minutes


Menu pickup at Alpha Castle 2019

At the start of the event, every player receives an amount of marked Revised or 4th Edition cards. These cards will be used as ante pool. Before every match, you chose a card from your opponents’ ante pool. The winner of the match wins both cards.

At the end of the event, you can trade in those Revised/4th cards for sweet beta and similar cards:
* Beta Contract from Below to whoever has most ante cards
* Beta Channel to whoever has most wb Channels
* Beta Craw Wurm to whoever has most wb Craw Wurms
* Legends Xira Arien to whoever has most wb Xira Arien
* Arabian Jeweled Bird to whoever has most Jeweled Birds
* Beta Wall of Fire to whoever has most Glyph of Destruction
* Beta Wall of Air to whoever has most Glyph of Delusion
The list of prizes is longer, but ultimately depends on the number of players.
Beta: Unsummon, Darkpact, Demonic Attorney, Wall of Brambles, Wall of Bone, Wall of Swords, 3x Mons s Goblin Raiders, …
Legends: Vaevictis Asmadi, Greater Realm of Preservation,..

At some point, through the use of Demonic Attorney, Contract from Below etc, one may lose all their ante cards. In that case, you will receive another batch of cards as ante, Revised Basiclands, giving you a second chance to win some fancy prizes:
* Beta Plains to whoever has most Revised Plains
* Beta Island to whoever has most Revised Islands
* Beta Swamp to whoever has most Revised Swamps
* Beta Mountain to whoever has most Revised Swamps
* Beta Forest to whoever has most Revised Forests


Ruleset, Errata & Ante

The event will be done in semi-Swiss mode. Last time, I did pairings completely random. With the feedback received there, I want to pair the undefeated players against each other, so we can determine a “most skilled player”. The remaining pairings will be created at random again.

We will play with the Frankfurt-local JK Rules. That means a wide Reprint policy including 4th, Chronicles and International Edition. Additionally, several Ante-cards are allowed: Contract from Below(1), Rebirth, Demonic Attorney, Darkpact, Jeweled Bird(1).
Alpha Castle 2020

Ante cards will have an errata.
Each player may ante the top card of their library a random card from their antepool. If a player does, that player’s life total becomes 20.

Contract from Below: (restricted to 1)
Discard your hand, ante the top card of your library, a random card from your antepool, then draw seven cards.

Demonic Attorney:
Each player antes  the top card of their library a random card from their antepool.

You own target card in the ante. Exchange that card with the top card of your library.
Exchange target card in the ante with a random card from your antepool.

Jeweled Bird: (restricted to 1)
{T}: Ante Jeweled Bird. If you do, put all other cards you own from the ante into your graveyard, then draw a card.
Every player will be provided one Chronicles Jeweled Bird at the start of the day.
{T}: Put Jeweled Bird into the ante pool. If you do, put another card from the ante into your antepool, then draw a card.

Bronze Tablet and Tempest Efreet are banned.

Premodern & Sideevents

One Saturday before Alpha Caslte 2020, we’ll do the 3rd German Premodern Championships. The main prize in Premodern is a Pernicious Deed print.


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