About Crusade and other cards

As the first registrations for Alpha Castle 2020 came in, some cards were banned by Wizards of the Coast because of potentially offending content in artwork and/or flavor.
WotC bannings don’t directly affect the usually non-WotC- sanctioned community of Oldschool.

Crusade · Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) #13 · Scryfall Magic: The ...

Reading through all the chats popping up everywhere about the topic, I pondered about banning all those cards at Alpha Castle, banning some, allowing mechanical proxies / alterations, or making no statement at all.

It is my goal to make the events as inclusive to everyone as possible. It was my goal from the start, always running and soliciting open reprints (and FE). A majority of OS players isn’t offended by Crusade, Stone-Throwing Devils, Imprison, and other cards recently banned by Wizards of the Coast. But inclusivity isn’t about the majority (See education explanations at https://twitter.com/MerfolkMagic).
For Alpha Castle 2020, all I ask you is to think about the issue some images, in context with the cards’ other text, published by WotC in 93/94 create to some people. If at the end of that thought process, you feel you want to play a card but also want to make a statement like “there exist cards that maybe shouldn’t have been printed”, feel free to play a 5th or 6th Edition reprint with more appropriate pictures, or even a thin print of one of a mechanical reprints. Some ideas can be found at https://twitter.com/writingjay/status/1271792773289697281


At at all Oldschool events I visited, the overall consensus is “Whatever sizzles your bacon.” or “Whatever tickles your fancy”. At Alpha Castle: If you wanna play your Alpha Crusade or got to play that Cleanse in Sideboard, go for it. if someone else prefers a 5th Crusade or a heavily altered Stone-Throwing Devil, that will be okay too.

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