Philip Böhm

Hi, I am Philip from Germany.
I ran the Alpha Castle event in February 2019 at Castle Frankenstein.
The awesome positive feedback received was so enormous I will definitely organize more events like it.
My next event project is Alphacastle 2020!


What does Old School mean to me?

Old School is not about playing +EV tournaments. It’s not about winning booster packs (although some FE, CH or DK packs are always nice…). Oldschool is about having fun while playing Magic. It’s not about gaming the rules, it’s about flipping the Orbs.

When I realized that and started playing myself, I had the idea to privately run some really cool events. With years of experience in the field through work, I reached out to some castles and decided to prepare awesomeness.

So, what makes an event a great experience?

The trophies at the events will be, of course different Castles (Alpha, beta & altered, beta & signed, …). The winner after points will win an Alpha Castle, but there’s other prizes depending on where the event is held. At Castle Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster is lurking around for the “most creepy deck”. A Dwarven Demolition Team waits to join the crew of whoever could destroy a wall or a castle. For Sindbad Cup, maybe it’ll by Rock Hydras and Cyclops!

My focus is on everyone having a great day, regardless of score.

The first Alpha Castle tournament is held at Castle Frankenstein in February 2018. Why? Because it’s in close proximity to the biggest german airport and because it’s easily accessibly by car. Oh, and I live only 45 minutes away from it by bike. What else makes it awesome? There is a guided tour through the castle, followed by a delicious castle feast and unique prizes.

This first event was a huge success so, more events will follow. At the moment, I have castle Doune in Scotland (Monty Python and the Holy Grail!) and Santa Maria de Feira in Portugal (it just looks awesome) on my list as successors. Will it always be events in castles? I don’t know. Awesome events in the past happened on boat cruises and why not host a Magic event in an ancient train through Scotland? If the next event isn’t in a castle, maybe it’ll be on a boat!


This page is designed to be the pivot point for the first Alpha Castle event and all Alpha Castle events to come.