Philip Böhm

Hi, I am Philip from Germany. I run the Alpha Castle events.

The awesome positive feedback received was so enormous I will definitely organize more events like the ones at Castle Frankenstein and Sindbad Cup.

My next event project is still in the works!


What does Old School mean to me?

Old School is not about playing +EV tournaments. It’s not about winning booster packs (although some FE, CH or DK packs are always nice…). Oldschool is about having fun while playing Magic. It’s not about gaming the rules, it’s about flipping the Orbs.

When I realized that and started playing myself, I had the idea to privately run some really cool events. With years of experience in the field through work, I reached out to some castles and decided to prepare awesomeness.

So, what makes an event a great experience?

When players don’t mind going 0-6 or 1-5, when players don’t mind losing the Finals of an event, that’s a success. I try to pull focus away from score towards other goals, be it flavorpoints, specific style prizes or similar.

This page is designed to be the pivot point for the first Alpha Castle event and all Alpha Castle events to come.