Cockatrice Cup Online


Online Tournament without Webcam, we use Cockatrice instead.

Ruleset will be Swedish Oldschool 93/94.

Date is April 11th, start at 4PM CET.

We will play Swiss pairings,
depending on number of participants with a cut to Top4 or Top8.

Participation: Free, you don’t even need cards to bring!

Prize: I will paint an OS Magic card artwork of winners’ choice on canvas and ship it worldwide. (up to shipping of 15€)

Cockatrice doesn’t have the Magic rules built-in, but I’m around to help out with any questions. Cockatrice has a feature that allows spectators for matches.

Why not Webcam? There’s plenty of options for that already
Do I need this “cockatrice”? Yes
Is cockatrice easy? Installing it may seem confusing at first. The handling is intuitive for most, but I recommend 2-3 practice games to familiarize yourself with the software 😉
How do Fallen Star/Chaos Orb work online? For now, Chaos Orb will always hit and Fallen Star will hit one D6 -1 targets.

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