Decks gallery from February 16th

Sorted roughly by Standings after Swiss!

1 Mono Black
1 Red Skies
1 4c good Stuff
1 Blue Blood Moon
1 Ernham Geddon
1 Stasis
1 Rukh Eggs
3 White Weenie
1 Atog
1 Black White ‘No Disco’ Trolls
1 Black Green “Mono Black”
1 RG Beatdown
3 Tax Edge (1 Red-White, 2 Red-Green-White)
1 Kobolds
1 Thallids
1 Bottle of Suleiman Control


Peter E’s Mono Black, Winner after 5 rounds of Swiss (4-1)1PeterE

Julian N’s Mono Red Earthquakes, Runner-Up (4-1)2JulianNa

Marc H’s 4-Color Good Stuff (4-1)3MarcHe

Philip Böhm’s Grixis Blue Moon (4-1)4PhilipB

Michael S’s Ernham Geddon (3-2)5MichaelSch

Jan S’s Stasis (3-2)6JanSchue

Tim S’s Eggs! (3-2)7TimStu

Jan S’s White Weenie (3-2)8JanSchul

Mario M’s Berzerk Atog (3-2)9MarioM

Martin PBlack White Sedge Trolls (2-1-2)10MartinPur

Moritz N’s Not monoblack Today (2-1-2)11MoritzN

Benjamin F’s RG Beatz (2-1-2)12BenjaminF

Nils H’s Tax Edge (2-1-2)13NilsH

Florian D’s KOBOLDS! (2-3)


Thomas V’s 3-colored Tax Edge (1-1-3)16ThomasV

Manuel R’s White Weenie (2-3)17ManuelR

Dennis W’s Thallid (1-4)18DennisWad

Florian S’s Tax Edge (1-4)19FlorianSchw

Stefan R’s “most creative spice” Martyrs of Korlis + Bottle of Suleiman Control20StefanRie

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