Ante tournament at Alphacastle 2020

In the past decade, accessibility of cards has changed. If you want a card, it’s at most 10 clicks away. Cardmarket, TCGplayer or other online platforms and stores make this possible. The time when you had to search for someone who owns a certain card and then get a trade with them going is over.

My goal for Alphacastle 2020 is to make that “quest for a specific card” an emotion one can experience again. Card availability can be scarce and it will be thrilling to find that 4th card for a playset.

How do I want to do this?


I want to do it with Ante.

But when value is at stake, things easily get unfun, so one principle I forced myself on was that no player would lose their own property during the event, like in original ante.
Instead, players will get an ante pool consisting of certain Revised/4th Edition/Renaissance or Chronicles cards and that’ll be the cards you use as your ante cards.
At the beginning of each round (or when a card/effect instructs you to), you place one of the cards from your ante pool to the ante. At the end of the match, the winner puts all cards from the ante into their own ante pool. If you have no more ante cards to bet with, you’ll get new cards from the TO (Revised Basics).
Finally, at the end of the day, players can redeem prizes for sets of cards they collected. I imagine this as prizes:
If you collected 4 Revised Juggernauts, you may exchange them for an Alpha Juggernaut. If you have the most Mountains, you may exchange them for a Chronicles Blood Moon. The exact prizes and numbers will depend on the amount of players in the event, but you get the idea. There will be easier (3-5€) and harder to get (10€+) cards in the pool.
The card “Alpha Castle” will go to whoever collected the most ante cards.

Some ante cards will need errata to make it work. I reveal what I have in mind in time, the easier ones are like this:

Demonic Attorney
Each player antes the top card of their library.
Errata for the event:
Each player antes a random card from their ante pool.









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