Status for Sindbad Cup

Recently, I read several articles or other comments and feedback about the event at Alpha Castle. I also want to write a Tournament Organizer’s report about the event, but still need some time to order all the thoughts in my head. There’s a lot of things I absolutely loved at the event, but also some issues I need to tackle or pieces I can fine tune for future events.


Preparations for Sindbad Cup are ongoing. As with Alpha Castle, I will announce date, location, sideevent and prizes only at a time everything is safely reserved, planned and booked. It will be Arabian Nights themed, but the difficulty is making it accessible for players without a big wallet at the same time. Anyone has 40 Erg Raiders and an Ali Baba for me?


A preview for Sindbad Cup:
My dream prize for the first place of Sindbad Cup & my dream location at the river Rhine. I hope to make it work as I imagine.

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