Waiting List and increased capacity

With 63/70 preregistered, the question of increasing the participation cap occurs. Right now, the cap is 70 because I rented only a portion of the restaurant of the castle. Afterall, I expected 30-50 registrations throughout the next 4 months, not 70 within 2 weeks..
There are options for an increased cap, but those will be tough to reach and connected with more expenses.
I could rent the entire castle for the event.
I know this would be cool, but the financial risk that’d bring needs me to be sure it works out. Because of that, I will setup a waiting list once the “regular” cap of 70 players is reached. Players on this waiting list will not be asked to pay for entry until I can guarantee them a spot (with an increased capacity). The new cap will be enabled if around 90 players are on the waiting list. I am still figuring out the exact number.
So, don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t register to the Alpha Castle event in time. Use the opportunity of the waiting list and possibly be part of the biggest Old School event in Germany or even Europe or the World yet.
Or.. secure one of the last 7 spots as long as you can.

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