The Alpha Castle prizes

The prize for whoever wins most matches. I will frame it into a wooden frame with space for all participants to sign. 3 more (beta) castles are currently comissioned for a sweet alteration as the other Top prizes.


Overall, my idea behind the prizes is that everyone can take home a thematically fitting memory from the event. I’m not a big fan of messing up beautiful cards like Castle with signatures, but signatures will still be placed, except on the wooden frame of the cards, not the card itself. Of course, if you like to have your prize card signed by people, I bring some practical pens for that.

Combined Points Matchpoints + Flavorpoints
1st Uniquely altered Beta Castle
2nd Uniquely altered Beta Castle
3rd Uniquely altered Beta Castle
These Castles are the main prize and are framed with signatures from all participants on the frame. The alterations are comissioned at the moment with Anna Messer and probably ready in November.

Before the event..
Longest travel distance air – Beta Flight & 1 Point
Longest travel distance car – Beta Jump & 1 Point

In your deck…
Play at least 4 Castles and/or walls – Grab from the bag & 1 Point
Play the most knightly deck – Adun Oakenshield ITA & 2 Points
Play the most creepy deck – Frankenstein’s Monster & 2 Points
Play the 2nd most creepy deck – ITA Frankenstein’s Monster & 1 Point
Play the most creatures – Beta Keldon Warlord & 1 Point
Play the most Fallen Empires cards – A certain set of Thallids & 1 Points

Be the first to..
Attack with 4 or more creatures – FBB Crusade & 1 Point
Cast a card with bow or crossbow in the art – Tor Wauki & 1 Point
Play a Wall or a Castle – UNL Animate Wall & 2 Points
Defeat a Knight in combat – Beta Lance & 2 Points
Destroy a Wall or Castle – Dwarven Catapult & 1 Point

Consolation prizes..
Lose a Chaos Orb Flip – Random oldschool card from the bag
Haven’t won a prize through other means – Random oldschool card from the bag.

Grab from Bag cards:
Barl’s Cage THE DARK
Argivian Blacksmith ANTIQIUTIES
D’Avenant Archer LEGENDS
Festival THE DARK
Fortified Area LEGENDS
Icatian Javelineers FALLEN EMPIRES
Icatian Infantry FALLEN EMPIRES
… and others …

Boris Devilboon LEGENDS
Dakkon Blackblade LEGENDS
Curse Artifact THE DARK
Death Ward BETA
Drudge Skeletons BETA
Eater of the Dead THE DARK
Horror of Horrors LEGENDS
Howl from Beyond BETA
Evil Presence UNLIMITED
Headless Horseman LEGENDS
Initiates of the Ebon Hand FALLEN EMPIRES
Life Chisel LEGENDS
… and others ..

Wins grant 2 Points
Draws grant 1 Point
Losses grant 0 Points

1st in Matchpoints: Alpha Castle, framed like the altered Castles
2nd in Matchpoints: Beta Castle, signed by Daemon Willich
3-4rd in Matchpoints: Beta Castle
5-6th in Matchpoints: CE/IE Castles

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